Therm-a-rest Z Rest Sleeping Pad HP-2, 3, and 6

ID Size Weight Color Rental Rate
HP-2 20” x 72” x ¾” 14 oz Coyote/Grey C
HP-3 20” x 72” x ¾” 14 oz Lemon C
HP-6 20” x 72” x 1” 16 oz Green C

More Information

Backpackers Magazine “Tough Stuff” review in 2010 recommends Therm-a-Rest Z Lite as “The perfect balance for a sleeping pad: warm, light, soft, and puncture-proof.” At 1 lb or less weight, these “egg crate” closed-cell foam pads are worth carrying on a backpacking trip for better rest. The slight difference between the two is the thickness, thus weight. HP-3 is newer, purchased for $40 in August 2010.

When done using the pad, first make sure it is completely dry. Don’t store wet equipment.  Return the pad in its storage bag (which recommend not taking on the actual trip for a couple less ounces).