BearVault Solo bear resistant food containers HA-5/6

ID Size Weight Rental Rate
HA-5/6 8.7 inch dia. by 8.3 inch high 2 pounds, 1 ounces D

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The official recommendation by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is to use a bear-resistant food storage container for all backpacking trips south of Damascus, VA. To enable this policy, the club purchased two BearVault Solo storage containers at ~$60 each to allow hiking couples to protect their grub. The 440-cu. in. size is suitable for a weekend trip. While overall container diameter is 8.7”, the opening is only 7”. It has an extra use as a short seat in camp.

Remember that bear-resistant does not mean perfectly bear-proof. A good recommendation is to learn how to consistently open the container before leaving on your trip. Many reviews mention a challenge to open with cold hands, thus tips like using a spork or plastic card are given.

Plastic card trick: