Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles HA-1

ID Adjustible Length Weight Rental Rate
HA-1 29-55 inches 18 ounces D

More Information

A new type of equipment for the hiking club ā€“ trekking poles. Based on discussion held at the March 2011 Lunch & Learn, a pair of Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Poles was purchased for $80 to allow members a chance to try them out before deciding to buy this type of equipment. These three-section poles were selected due to the ease of adjustment within 29-55 inches using the FlickLocks feature. Rental rate ā€œDā€ ($4 weekend, $6 week-long) will be set for these poles. If popular, then another pair of a different style may be purchased to allow comparison.

The poles have rubber pole tip protectors (also known as walking tips) for when using the trekking poles on paved surfaces. (Example: The 0.5 mile steep asphalt trail to Clingmans Dome.) These can be easily removed to use the carbide tips on our normal dirt trails. Just remember to keep up with the tip protectors – and reattached securely before returning to Bldg 310 – to avoid $5 for their replacement.