TEHCC is guided by a Steering Committee, who manages the recreation club, and the Appalachian Trail Committee, which coordinates the maintenance and improvement projects.  Both are comprised of Eastman Chemical employees and retirees.  Affiliate members are also involved with the A.T. Committee.  The Steering Committee members serve two-year terms (with the Chair remaining a third year), while folks on the A.T. Committee continue as long as they desire.  TEHCC has several other positions which support the club operation.  Contact anyone below if interested in helping in a role.

Steering Committee

Name Position Email
William Werner 2018 Chair chair@tehcc.org
Summer Brickey Member ’18-’19
Chris Chambers Member ’18-’19
Andy Steffan Member ’18-’19
Hal Yungmeyer Member ’18-’19
Kay Parker Past Chair

Appalachian Trail Committee

Position Name Email
Committee Chair Vic Hasler atchair@tehcc.org
Trail Maintenance Coordinator Kim Peters atmaint@tehcc.org
Projects Coordinator Carl Fritz atvolunteer@tehcc.org
Chainsaw Training Jim Chambers
Relocations Jim Foster
Konnarock Crew Liaison Steve Perri
Structures Ed Oliver
Signs Steve Perri
Invasive Species Greg Kramer
Trail Data Collector Vic Hasler
Land Acquisition
and Open Areas
Joe DeLoach
Treasurer Steve Falling
RPC Reps Steve Perri,
Steve Wilson

Other Positions

Position Name Email
Hike Coordinator Tim Schaefer events@tehcc.org
Membership Tim Schaefer membership@tehcc.org
Rental Equipment Chris Chambers rental@tehcc.org
Newsletter Editors Summer Brickey,
Terry Oldfield
Webmaster Tim Schaefer webmaster@tehcc.org
Records Jeff Siirola records@tehcc.org
Paddling Coordinator Andy Steffan paddling@tehcc.org