The TEHCC honors its outstanding members with four awards. The awards recognize exemplary service and active involvement. The award criteria can be found here.

Stan Murray Award

The Stan Murray Award is the most prestigious of Club awards. The award honors Stan Murray – who was one of the early leaders of TEHCC, served as chairman of the board for ATC and founded the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy. Recipients are honored with this award for particularly meritorious service.

1991Jeff Siirola2001John Thompson
1992Frank Oglesby2002Bob Peoples
1993Ted Malone2004Collins Chew
1994Ray Hunt2005Steve Perri
1995Darrol Nickels2006Carl Fritz
1996Joe Deloach2007Steve Banks
1997Bruce & Mary Cunningham2008Garry Luttrell
1998Ed Oliver2011Carl Fritz
1999Frank Williams2012Paul Benfield
2015Ted Mowery

Hiker of the Year

Each year, the TEHCC recognizes it’s most prolific hiker with the Hiker of the Year award which has become known as the HOTY award. The award is earned by accumulating the most points for leading and participating in hikes.

1958Stan Murray1982Jeff Siirola2000Kent & Nancy Wilson2019Jonathan Shumaker
1960Bob Harvey1983Darrol Nickels2001Kim Peters
1968Judith Buckley1984Kevin Edgar2002Nancy Wilson
1969Donald Kreh1985Judy McClanahan2003Nancy Wilson
1970Darrol Nickels1986Judy McClanahan2004Garry Luttrell
1971Darrol Nickels1987Kevin Edgar2005Garry Luttrell
1971Hugh Thompson1988Steve Banks2006Collins Chew
1972Gordon Newland1989Jack Young2007Kim Peters
1973Dick Ardell1990Ted Malone2008Jake Mitchell
1974Collins Chew1991Gether Irick2009Collins Chew
1975Powell Foster1992Gether Irick2010Bob Harvey
1975Judy Murray1993Garry Luttrell2011Olin Babb
1976Ray Hunt1994Garry Luttrell2012Vic Hasler
1977Don Nelan1995Cris Moorehouse2013Vic Hasler
1978Gordon Newland1996Garry Luttrell2014Vic Hasler
1979Collins Chew1997Garry Luttrell2015Tim Schaefer
1980John Thompson1998Kevin Edgar2016Tim Schaefer
1981Frank Oglesby1999Neil Dotson2017Vic Hasler

Paddler of the Year

Paddler of the Year is awarded to the paddler chosen by their peers as representing the best involvement for the year.

1990Dewey Fuller1998Brad Dayvolt2011Jamie Aiello
1991Ed Montgomery2002Mike Morrow2015Jerry Griffin
1992Ed Montgomery2003Rebekah Morrow2016Ryan Horn
1993Brad Dayvolt2005Ed Montgomery2017Trevor Lee
1994Dave Ingram2009Deb Reynolds2018Shelly Richard
1995Mike Morrow2010Debbie Briscoe2019Steven Adams

Frank Oglesby Maintainer of the Year

The Maintainer of the Year award recognizes individual(s) that have been actively involved in trail maintenance with the Club and have shown a personal commitment to the upkeep of the Appalachian Trail. In 2005, the award was renamed to honor TEHCC founder Frank Oglesby.

1990Darrol Nickels2000Bob Peoples2009Ted Mowery2018Richard Carter
1991Ed Oliver2001David Gibson2010Kim Peters2019Tony Messina
1992Ed Oliver2002David Gibson2011Ken Buchanan
1993Ed Oliver2003Paul Benfield2011Joe DeLoach
1994Frank Williams2004Carl Fritz2012Jim Chambers
1995Frank Williams2005Darrol Nickels2013Joe Morris
1996Frank Williams2006Jim Foster2014George Thorpe
1997Derrick Stowell2006Mike Hupko2015Greg Kramer
1998Derrick Stowell2007Ed Oliver2016John Beaudet
1999Bruce Cunningham2008Tim Stewart 2017Bill Murdoch