The TEHCC is organized under the auspices of the Eastman Recreation Club for the benefit of Eastman Chemical Company employees, retirees and their families. Employees and retirees must also be members of the Eastman Recreation Club.

Those not associated with Eastman can join as program affiliates.

Membership Discounts

Anyone can email the TEHCC membership coordinator (, call the Eastman Recreation Club at (423) 229-3771 or visit the Eastman Employee Center main desk for more information.

Eastman Employees

Annual club dues for employees are $5 in addition to basic $5 Eastman Recreation Club dues (thus a total equal to Affiliate dues). Employees must now join at the Employee Center main desk in Building 310 using this ERC form. After the first payment to ERC, dues are automatically deducted from first paycheck of each year.

Eastman Retirees

Retirees can elect to receive the monthly newsletter via email for free or a hard copy newsletter for $5 annually. Join or renew by completing the Membership Application.

Program Affiliates

Program affiliates are those not associated with Eastman as an employee or retiree. Dues are $10 annually which includes the monthly newsletter. There are two limitations for affiliates – they cannot hold a Steering Committee position (but can be invited to join the A.T. Maintenance Committee) and cannot rent the club camping equipment. Join or renew by completing the Membership Application.

View our membership brochure.