AT 2000 Miler

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is one of the most coveted hiking accomplishments. Whether it’s a few months of thru hiking or decades of section hiking, taking the last steps of the 2100+ mile journey is an experience that cannot be put into words. The TEHCC is proud to have several members who have done it. Many members are in the process of section hiking the Trail. Check out the TEHCC schedule to join them on their hikes or to start one of your own.


1978 – Harriet Locke
1980 – John Thompson
Gordon Newland
1985 – Darrol Nickels
1987 – Collins Chew
1988 – Ray Hunt
1992 – Gether Irick
1993 – Don Baker, Emmet Dougherty, Owen Holbrook, Mark Newman
1994 – Garry Luttrell, Carl Ray
1995 – Paul Benfield, Fred/Dixie Hoilman
1996 – Steve Banks
1997 – Kevin Edgar
2005 – John Tate, Kent Wilson, Nancy Wilson
2006 – Jim Foster, Tim Stewart
2008 – June Donaldson
2009 – Judith Foster
2013 – Frank de Nobriga