Channels Trail

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Channels Trail

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Channels Trail Banner.jpg
Highlight Although your likely goal, not the typical access
Park The Channels Natural Area Preserve
Land Owner Virginia Department of Forestry
Located Rosedale, VirginiaLocation inherited from associated park
Trail Marking Red blaze
Trail UseThings allowed to do on or near the trail


FeaturesThings to see on or near the trail

Difficulty Rating Hard
Hiking TimeTime from car and back. Includes any time hiking to access this trail. 8 hrs for entire trail"hrsforentiretrail" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property. round trip
Distance: 5.50 mi8.851 km <br /> trailStrict non-repeating trail length / 11.0 mi17.703 km <br /> round tripTypical or shortest length from the car, hike the trail, and return to car
Trail Type In-and-Out
Low / High Point 1713 ft571 Yards <br />522.122 Meters <br /> / {{{High Point}}}"{{{High Point}}}" is not a number.
Elev. Gain/LossSee link for details of calculation. Gain/Loss is direction dependent. {{{Elevation Gain}}}"{{{Elevation Gain}}}" is not a number. / ({{{Elevation Loss}}}"{{{Elevation Loss}}}" is not a number.) – South-to-North
Trip ReportsFrom user "hiked it" submissions<br/>Recent is within last 90 days 1 logged hikes (1 recent)
NearbyWithin 5 mi<br/>Click link to view list 131The following coordinate was not recognized: . trails / 142.3 mi of trail
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