Learn to Kayak! Beginner/Novice Whitewater Kayak Clinic, July 14-15, 2012

You know you want to. You’ve been thinking about it, how fun it might be. You see the occasional car with boats on top or pass by one of the many great rivers in the area and think to yourself “I think I could dig the whole kayaking thing.” Well, now’s your chance!! The 40th annual “Whitewater School”, sponsored by the Appalachian Paddling Enthusiasts (APEs) and the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club, will be held July 14th and 15th in the Tri-Cities area. The clinic is designed for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of whitewater kayaking—fundamentals that will ensure a fun and safe time on the river. No previous experience is necessary. Instruction will consist of one day on flat water and one day on the river. As in the past, there will continue to be a strong emphasis on safety. Participants will be responsible for providing their own gear and transportation, although loaner gear is available on a first come basis. For more information, contact Scott Fisher tfisher1@its.jnj.com.

33rd Anniversary Bluestone River Trip Notice

The 33rd annual Bluestone River Trip is scheduled for May 25-26, 2012. A block of six rooms have been reserved at the Mountain Creek Lodge and space is limited this year. Room reservations can be made by calling 1-800-CALLWVA and asking to be connected to the Pipestem Lodge. The block of rooms is under the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club. Room rates are $87 per night plus tax.

Please call the trip leader, Terry Dougherty at 423-502-5177 to sign up for the river run. We normally paddle both days (Saturday and Sunday), but you can always tram your boat out to avoid paddling a second day. The river (Saturday paddle) is a very scenic 9 mile stretch that passes through a deep West Virginia gorge. It is mostly class II with a couple of borderline class III rapids. The first class III rapid can being easily portaged. The second day is mostly class I and suitable for families. Hope you can join for this great trip!

Explore the Holston River series – Wadlow Gap to Weber City, June 18

Deb Reynolds reporting

The flat water series continued on 6/18 with a new section for me and most others.  We had a large group of eight folks who were looking for a relaxing paddle and new territory.  Jamie and Eric decided to go upriver a bit as we only expected to cover two miles today and they added on a mile or so.  The rest of us cruised on down to Weber City counting the times that I got stuck on the shoals.  The river was lower today with quite a few shoals.  I managed to show everyone how not to go down on the river.  I did triumph at the end, as I was the only one in the front group not to get stuck on the last set of shoals, but only because Kent went first to show me where not to go.  The river today was exceptionally clean and very very private.  Just like last time, we had a protective blue heron that flew ahead of us, waiting patiently for us to catch up before starting off again.  We just barely made it off the river before the thunder started.  I think Jamie and I were the only ones who were still strapping our kayaks on the cars when the sky opened up. Continue reading “Explore the Holston River series – Wadlow Gap to Weber City, June 18”

Nolichucky River Clean-up and Celebration, June 4

Debbie Briscoe reporting

We had record attendance at the cleanup this year!  But first let me say and I couldn’t have done it without the support of our club officers Jerry, Cheryl, Wes, Jeff and Scott.  Their assistance with organizing, getting the food, and picking up donations and TVA bags was a huge help!  At sign-in, we had an exciting and overwhelming period of giving out location assignments and organizing clean teams.  After getting everyone on their way to the specific focus points, I teamed up with a small band of merry volunteers and set off to the Saw Mill put in.  The weather was perfect and the water was wonderful! Continue reading “Nolichucky River Clean-up and Celebration, June 4”

The Week Ahead – July 6th

It’s summertime and I bet it’s busy for a lot more people than me. We’ve got lots of adventure to satisfy your weekend needs.

  • The usual Thursday paddle to the grill and Friday Hikers
  • Konnarock Crew continues their major undertaking
  • A Cl1-2 trip down the Watauga River
  • The already full annual Mt LeConte trip

Check out the schedule for the details.

Whitewater Locations and Conditions

Debbie Reynolds reporting

Not sure where to paddle based on skill set and the current water conditions?  Check out the American Whitewater National River database by State.  The link to the TN river database provides a list of rivers by section with the class and current water levels.  There is typically a comment if it is runnable, too high, too low, etc.  I also noticed a warning for one of the creeks had been posted with a date.

Explore the Holston River (Flat-Water Series), June 18

Contact:  Deb Reynolds

Several Saturday events are scheduled this summer to explore the local Holston River including the North and South Fork.  Most of these events will require a car shuttle, so advance notice is required for planning purposes.  The trip length will vary but will normally be between 2 and 4 hours.  A lunch or snack will be desired.  Fishing and bird watching are options as we will not be racing to see how quick we can get to the end.  Bring a friend, a pole or camera, and an attitude for exploring.  PFD’s are required.  Email Deb Reynolds at dlreynolds@eastman.com