SACWMP Invasive Exotic Plant Workshop, May 7

Contact:  John Odell, 828-254-3708

The Southern Appalachian Cooperative Weed Management Partnership (SACWMP) is seeking volunteers to participate in an invasive exotic plant workshop on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at the Roan Highlands.  There is no charge for the event, and participants will receive free guidebooks for the identification and control of invasive exotic plants.  The workshop will educate hikers and the general public about the threats of invasive exotic (IE) plants, how to identify and inventory IE species, and how to remove these plants, protecting native biodiversity along the Trail. Continue reading “SACWMP Invasive Exotic Plant Workshop, May 7”

2011 Gear Swap Review

Deb Reynolds Reporting

Saturday, March 26, TEHCC had their first gear swap on the grounds (parking lot) of the Eastman Recreation Building.  We weren’t sure what to expect since this was a new event and not sure how the community would react, but my expectations were more than met.  I think the event was a success and worth doing again next year.  We had eight groups sign up in advance and had at least ten groups show.  Continue reading “2011 Gear Swap Review”

The week ahead – April 25th

Help out our friends at Warriors Path State Park this weekend on Saturday. They need help from experienced and those just wanting to help out one of our great local parks. They’ll be doing work on their hiking trails, disc golf course, and mountain bike trails. Contact Kevin Barham,, for details.

The week ahead – April 18th

We hope everyone had a great weekend. Just one extra thing this week other than the routine Tuesday maintenance outing and Collin’s Friday hikers. The last weekend of the local mountain bike association’s trail building exercise at Bays Mountain Park. If you want to help build the trails that you enjoy on your mountain bike, here’s your chance. Check out the schedule for details.

The week ahead – April 11th

We have something for everyone this week, hiking, paddling, and maintenance. I hope you can find something that suits you. If not, plan a trip yourself and get it on the schedule.

Check out our schedule for the details and have a great week!