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2014 Spring Dinner Meeting

When: April 25th
Where: Eastman Lodge
How: Last page of the newsletter

Time to enjoy fellowship as the outdoor season begins…

Our evening program is on “Amazing Places in The Tennessee Blue Ridge” by David Ramsey.  The Appalachian Trail closely follows the North Carolina–Tennessee border along the main Appalachian crest.  Although the wild and scenic qualities of the lands that lie on each side of this boundary are virtually equal, those of the Tennessee region have often been overshadowed by their North Carolina counterparts.  This program will explore the Tennessee Blue Ridge ending with an update about Rocky Fork.

Happy “Trails” Hour begins at 5:30pm.  Dinner will be BBQ from Phil’s Dream Pit for $12 inclusive per adult and $6 for children.  Club awards will be presented.  Door prizes!  Done by 9pm.

For more details, check the club newsletter.

New Members

TEHCC is glad to welcome this month’s new members

Kevin Sedgwick
Mack Cooke
Benjamin Bellamy
Yancey Appling
Noelene Hosking
Jeffrey Stanley
Steven Van Cott
Jeremy Franklin
Ashish Chaturvedi
David Inancsi
Michael Painter

Vandalism at Cross Mountain

A report has come in from Cross Mountain that there has been vandalism of both the trail info board and a few vehicle break-ins. Local authorities have been notified and asked to scope the area at regular intervals. If hiking in this area, or anywhere for that matter, please take a moment to hide away any valuables in your vehicles or take them with you. While this is not a complete solution, as least there would be nothing around to entice someone. The trail info board will be repaired soon. Also, don’t forget to report any damage or vandalism you see while enjoying your hike. Happy hiking!

January New Members

TEHCC would like to welcome the following new members to the club! Thanks for joining! We look forward to meeting you on the trail or on the water.

John Gentry
Yancey Appling
Lauren Johnson
Michael Walcher


Membership Drive

It’s nearly a new year, which means it’s time for membership renewal. For those who were already going to renew, THANK YOU! You can stop reading, because apparently you’re already on board with everything I have to say. So you don’t feel left out, here’s a picture of Arnold from Diff’rent Strokes meeting Knight Rider. The rest can stick around and read my top five reasons to renew.

How cool is that?

How cool is that?

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