ATC Phenology Program

Are you interested in exploring nature and helping out a good cause? ATC is seeking volunteers for their Phenology program. If you’re like me, the quote below should resolve your current question.

What is Phenology?

The term Phenology is derived from the Greek work “phaino”, meaning to show or appear. Phenology is the study of the reoccurring life cycle stages of plants and animals; such as bud break, leaf-out, hibernation, bird migrations an insect emergence. Phenology also includes the study of how the timing of these events relate to biotic and abiotic forces, such as weather and climate.

Read more about it at ATC’s website or download their brochure.

Mission Possible

The Steering Committee decided to again partner with the Mission Possible wellness program.  During March through October, TEHCC will be hosting  day hikes on some Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.  The intent is to provide the required fitness activity through an easy to moderate 2 to 4 hour hike somewhere within an hour driving radius of Kingsport.  The hikes will be announced in both the monthly TEHCC newsletter and Mission Possible bulletins.  So come enjoy a local trail with your family (while earning some HDA dollars).