Koonford Bridge in Laurel Fork Gorge (1998)

The flood of early January, 1998 destroyed the two lower bridges in Laurel Fork Gorge. The center span of the upper bridge (the Koonford Bridge) was also destroyed. For the January third Saturday special project on January 17, 1998, we chose to replace the center span of the Koonford Bridge.

A record number of people (26) showed up to carry in materials and replace the bridge. It was great to have such a large turn-out. We had to carry 6 2X12’s 24 feet long a distance of about 3/4 mile. Some people estimated that each 2X12 must have weighed upwards of 200 to 300 pounds. (THEY SURE SEEMED THIS HEAVY). Thanks to the large turn-out we were able to get everything carried in by about noon and were able to complete the project in time to get home just before dark. After the materials were all carried in for the bridge, some of the people drove to Bitter End and repaired the approaches to the bridge located about 0.7 miles trail south of Bitter End. We owe a special thanks to all the people who helped on this project. Without the excellent turnout we would not been able to complete the work in one day.